Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews – May 3 and 4, 2022
Teachers are available for one of In Person Interviews on Tuesday, May 3rd or Virtual Interviews on Wednesday, May 4th. Please see the teacher availability list below.

To accommodate the Interviews, there is an altered bell schedule and early dismissal on both

Tuesday, May 3rd
Block A: 8:30 – 9:36am
Block B: 9:41 – 10:54
Lunch: 10:54 – 11:32am
Block C: 11:37 – 12:43pm
Block D: 12:48 – 1:55pm

Wednesday, May 4th
Block B: 9:35 – 10:25am
Block A: 10:30 – 11:27am
Lunch: 11:27 – 12:05pm
Block D: 12:10 – 1:00pm
Block C: 1:05 – 1:55pm

Appointments will be 5 minutes and provide an excellent opportunity for parents to meet with teachers
to discuss the progress of their student. There is also a 5 minute transition period between interviews to
allow for parents and teachers to get to and prepare for their next interview.

Parents sign up for appointments using Parent Connect. Please use the appropriate tabs to toggle
between the two dates and the available times for each teacher. If certain times are missing or are
limited for a particular teacher, it is likely due to the teacher being already booked or not being available
at that time. If you are unable to get an interview at a time that works for your schedule, please contact
the teacher to set up an opportunity for you to connect regarding your student.

Parent Teacher Interview Times and Availability

Tuesday, May 3rd
In-Person:  3:00 – 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 4th
       3:00 – 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Teacher availability for each day:

Tuesday, May 3 (In-Person) Wednesday, May 4 (Virtual)
Bantok, M. Ackermann, J.
Blouin, T. Butler, V.
Bousserska, D. Chauhan, P.
Brandoli, E. Cheng, M.
Burnett, C. Cullen, N.
Chan, S. Elworthy, R.
Cipriano, F. Garvey, K.
Clarke, C. Goltz, E.
Cleaver, R. Grewal, B.
Cotter, J. Hacker, J.
Davis, N. Huynh, A.
Dhaliwal, M. Inglin, S.
Dhanda, J. Jackson, A.
George, L. Kass, G.
Gill, S. MacFarlane, K.
Graham, J. Martin, R.
Grewal, G. McKaig, J.
Grewal, S. Munkhamheuang, D.
Hollands, N. Pinton, D.
Hundal, J. Stepanovic, L.
Kang, T. Stielow, T.
Kay, S.  
Kim, A.  
Leung, K.  
Marte, N.  
Mckay, J.  
Minichilli, A.  
Nabata, M.  
Nagra, C.  
Nelson, S.  
Neufeld, E.  
Niemar, C.  
Parhar, M.  
Peeling, D.  
Platzer, S.  
Rolston, M.  
Rosencrans, T.  
Roy, E.  
Sandhu, G.  
Sandhu, V.  
Schaeferle, Q.  
Stewart, B.  
Stremel, K.  
Tatla, H.  
Williams, B.  
Wolf, S.  
Yang, Y.  
Yee, F.  

Health and Safety Protocols

Parents/Guardians who come to the school of Interviews are asked to come to the main
entrance at the front of the school. Visitors must sign in and must wear a mask inside the
building. Parents/Guardians are asked to avoid socializing with other Parents/Guardian to
minimize risk, and to only remain in the building when they have interviews. If there is a time
gap between appointments, we ask that Parents/Guardians exit the building, then re-enter
once it is time for their next appointment.

Please note that teachers will be sanitizing their space between each In Person interview.

Virtual Interviews – Nov. 25th

For Parents/Guardians booking virtual interviews with teachers on the 25th, there will be
instructions published by Tuesday, Nov. 23rd describing how to access the Virtual interviews.
Parents/Guradians are not required to come to the school for Virtual interviews and are
encouraged to participate in the interviews from home or another remote location. However, if
any Parents/Guardians anticipate having challenges accessing technology or internet services
for Virtual interviews, we ask that you please contact the school by Tuesday, Nov. 23rd so that
we may assist you in connecting virtually with teachers.


Parent Teacher Interviews are an opportunity to have a collaborative conversation about a
student’s progress, what their strengths and challenges are, and what can be done to help
further support the growth and learning of the student. Teachers and Parents/Guardians are
expected to be partners in supporting the student, and thus must work positively and
productively together. We look forward to the fruitful and informative conversations that will

If you have questions regarding Parent Teacher Interviews, please contact the school.