Volunteer & School Service

School service hours are recognized for awards, scholarships and Grad Transitions.

  • helping ND teachers and other staff
  • Parent Teacher Interview volunteers
  • ushers for events
  • team managers, coaches, score-keepers
  • planning, promoting or facilitating school events, activities and fundraisers
  • volunteering for school dance or other events
  • organizing and running events for clubs/classes

What does not count:

  • paid work including tutoring, theater technician, refereeing or the Community Schools Partnership Program
  • work related to credit courses including; peer tutoring, yearbook, theatre, work experience, and leadership
  • practicing or rehearsing for a sports, dance, theatre, music team/group
  • activities that offer special privileges
  • attending regular club, committee or council meetings
  • attending conferences, camps, workshops or events
  • paid work within the school

Tracking and reporting:

It is the responsibility of students to self-report their own hours and it is the student’s responsibility to keep a record of reported hours…not the office, Career Centre, teachers and staff.

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