Please click on the links below to view the information that was shared during the Parent Information Sessions in February 2024.
Grade 7 Parent/Guardian Information Session

Grade 7 Parent/Guardian Slideshow

Grade 8-11 Parent/Guardian Information Session

Grade 8-11 Parent/Guardian Recorded Session
Grade 8-11 Parent/Guardian Slideshow

DHA Parent/Guardian Information Session

DHA Parent/Guardian Recorded Session
DHA Parent/Guardian SlideshowRead more »

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Budget Consultation Process
Each year at this time, the Delta School District is required to start developing a balanced budget for the upcoming school year. We encourage all families, staff, partners and rights-holders to participate in this process.
For the previous two years, we have invited participation by way of a public input session via Zoom…. Read more »

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It should come as no surprise that educators in the Delta School District are highly focused on the foundational pillars of literacy and numeracy. But what exactly does this look like in our schools?
In 2022, the district’s Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction department launched a new reading website to provide support and resources for its elementary school teachers.  … Read more »

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