Grade 9 Program

The Grade Nine Program contains nine courses. Students will be enrolled in eight courses and the learning objectives of Career Education 9 will be integrated throughout the year. Unlike the Grade 8 academic courses that run year long, courses in grade 9 follow the Semester system like the majority of the school. Each student completes 4 courses in the first half of the year, then completes another 4 courses in the second half of the year.

Required Courses
1. English 9
2. Social Studies 9
3. Science 9
4. Principles of Math 9, Fundamentals Math 9 or Honors Math
5. Physical & Health Education 9

Elective Courses
6. Any Grade 9 Arts Education course
7. Any Grade 9 ADST course
8. Any Grade 9 elective (This could be a second Arts Education or ADST course if you wish.)

Students requiring ELL 9 or Academic Strategies 9, please discuss your course selection with your counselor, LST teacher or ELL teacher.