Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring 12

This course prepares and motivates students to provide leadership and assistance to individuals with a variety of needs. Students will develop their skills in communication, leadership, organization, learning support and instruction, and social responsibility. Activities: Peer tutors will work one-to-one or with small groups of students assisting with academics, elective courses or life skills. They will help students’ comprehension of educational tasks and assist students with developing good work habits. Students in Peer Tutoring may provide instruction to small groups or even give a brief lesson to a larger group. Evaluation is based on daily performance, tutor assignments, record keeping, commitment, role modeling and a positive attitude.

Peer Tutors are expected to have: good attendance, strong communication skills, a mature and responsible attitude, the ability to follow written and verbal directions, satisfactory academic standing and have demonstrated proficiency in the subject area they want to tutor in. Peer Tutors will generally be 2 years older than the students they work with and/or will have taken the course they are assisting in already.

Peer Tutoring 12 is available to Grade 12 students only and cannot be selected during course selection. Grade 11 students must apply through their counsellor in the Spring in advance of their grade 12 year. Please contact your counsellor if you are interested.