Activities & Clubs

CLUBS AT NDSS – 2018-2019




Youth Seeking Change




Ms. Hadziavdic



Students meet to collaborate on volunteer initiatives that serve the communities. Examples include: sandwich delivery to the downtown eastside, volunteering as extra-curricular volunteers in schools, etc. Students also organize various fundraising initiatives to help fund these activities. Fridays at lunch

Room 1009 (but for Oct 5/12 in 1109)


Debate Club


Ms. Cleaver

Ms. Hadziavdic

Students meet to discuss topical issues and then organize formal debates.  

Mondays at lunch

Room 1010



Anime Club


Mr. Schaeferle

Choosing/watching/discussing anime  


Thursdays 3-430.

Room 1109.



The Japanese Language and Culture Club


Ms. George

Ms. Munkhamheuang

The Japanese Language and Culture Club is for anyone interested in Japan, Japanese language, and its culture. Learn the culture and language through stories, songs and activities! Fridays 11:45 a.m.

Room 2308



Lyrical Beats Poetry Club


Ms. Cullen

Ms. Peters

The emphasis is on writing and sharing one’s own poetry.  


Meets every 2nd Tuesday at lunch, beginning Oct. 2nd 2018

Room 1012




Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)




Mr. R. Grewal

A welcoming environment where all immigrant students can seek support & have questions answered. Focus on Outdoor education and team-building. As needed
ND Film Club   Mr. Lum

Mr. V. Sandhu

Club members at a hobbyist level learn the intricacies of video production, which include script writing, filming and film editing.


See Mr. Lum in the library to get involved.

Production schedule is based on the availability of members/needs of a project.



Green Team



 Ms. Wolf

Taking part in activities that show environmental leadership in the school and community Wednesdays at lunch

Room 2311

Queer Straight Alliance  

 Ms. Leung


The Queer Straight Alliance is a positive space for all students, regardless of their gender or sexual identity to discuss and raise awareness about acceptance and allyship in our society.  Students are also given the opportunity to foster meaningful peer-to-peer relationships. Fridays at lunch

Alternate Portable #1



League of Legends


Ms. Lucke

Compete with other players in this fast-paced online game. No experience is needed as experienced layers will coach the unexperienced. Wednesdays 3-4:30pm

(beginning last week of October)

Rm 1306





Senior Girls

Bhangra Team











Student Council











Me to We









Ms. Dhanoa

Ms. Yang








Ms. Rolston











Ms. George

ND Senior Girls Bhangra Team is a dedicated group of girls from different backgrounds in grades 10 to 12! High energy, dynamic and vibrant girls bringing the dance form of BHANGRA to ND! Learn challenging routines and perform for large audiences. Positive & upbeat attitude is a must to qualify for annual team scholarships.






Student Council is a club formed with 9 executive members who are elected into their roles.  They are in charge of planning school events such as dances, Christmas assembly, candy grams and spilrit week.  We are always in need of volunteers.  Please speak with an executive member if you are interested in volunteering.



To raise leadership skills







Practices every Wednesday mornings and Thursdays after school In Cafeteria/Theater







Meetings – Wednesday @ lunch in the conference room (executive members only). Wednesday after school at 2:50 pm in the library (for anyone who would like to volunteer with Student Council.





Wednesdays 11:45 AM, Room 2308