Flex Time – Is not taking place in 2020 – 2021

Flex Time at ND – Student Ownership of Learning

Flex Time is a 40 minute period on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, between 1st and 2nd period, for students to self-regulate and prioritize their learning.  Flex time acknowledges that students lead busy lives and navigate competing demands for their time in and outside of school. Flex Time provides students the opportunity to self-direct and engage in their own learning.

While some school wide initiatives might occur during Flex Time, teachers will not be teaching new course material. Teachers will be accessible to students for additional help and guidance on current and ongoing learning. As this is school instructional time, students are expected to be in classroom or designated learning space for the entire Flex Time period.

What are the benefits of Flex Time?

Flex Time provides students the opportunity to:

  • Complete assignments
  • Practice presentations
  • Study for tests & quizzes
  • Receive help from a teacher
  • Make progress on long-term assignments
  • Collaborate with classmates on group assignments
  • Reduce homework
  • Improve skills in a specific area
  • Engage in a personal passion project of interest

Where do students go during Flex Time?

Students are expected to be in one of their teacher’s classrooms or a designated learning space such as the library, bring all required materials and supplies needed, and be actively engaged in their learning.

Flex Time Schedule

Flex Time will take place every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 1st and 2nd period.  Each Wednesday, school will begin at 9:30.

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