Staff Directory


Principal, Grade 12s Mrs. Rizzardo
Vice Principal, Grades 9 and 11 Mr. Kirincic
Vice Principal, Grades 8 and 10 Mr. Sharpe


Ms. F. Cipriano Grade 8, Grade 12’s with last names S-Z
Mr. B. McGill Grade 9, Grade 12’s with last names A-B
Ms. B. Gillis Grade 10, Grade 12’s with last names C-K
Ms. A. Kaila Grade 11, Grade 12’s with last names L-R

Supporting VIPs

Name Role Email Notes
Ms. Dhanoa Career Advisor All students that require support with course planning for post-secondary, scholarships & District Career Programs
Mr. Grewal Multicultural Worker
Mr. R. Chen-Campbell Youth Care Worker 604-313-5602 Daytime
 Ms. K. Hatzisavva  Youth Care Worker


Name Email Subjects Taught Website
Mr. J. Bisson Math, Science Website
Ms. C. Burnett Visual Art, Yearbook
Mr. J. Cerny Learning Support
Mr. S. Chan Alternate
Ms. S. Chohan English
Ms. C. Clarke Math
Ms. R. Cleaver Junior Supportive Learning
Ms. G. Cohen French, Planning  Website
Mr. J. Cotter Physical Education, Athletic Director
Ms. N. Cullen English  Website
Ms. N. Davis Math, Science
Ms. M. Dhaliwal Humanities
Ms. H. Dhillon Punjabi Website
Ms. L. George Math, Social Studies, Science, Learning Support
Mr G. Grewal Math Website
Ms. P. Grewal Science, Planning, Business and Computers
Ms. S. Grewal Socials, Law, Business Education, Work Experience
Mr. J. Hacker Theatre Production, Maker Lab, Computer Coordinator Website
Ms. N. Hollands Math
Mr. J. Hundal Humanties, Literacy Development and Social Studies Website
Ms. S. Inglin Drama Website
Mr. S. Isbister Work Readiness
Ms. T. Kang Chemistry
Ms. S. Kay Home Economics
Ms. L. Kennedy English Language Learning (ELL), International Coordinator
Ms. A. Krakus English, Communications Website
Ms. I. Lucke Accounting, Business and Computers, Work Experience, Apprenticeship
Mr. A. Lum Library, Social Studies
Ms. K. Macfarlane Humanities, History, English, Communications
Ms. K. Malek Planning, Home Economics
Ms. C. Malone GradQuest and Indigenous Student Success Advocate
Ms. J. McKay Humanities, Social Studies, Music
Ms. D. Munkhamheuang Learner Support
Ms. M. Nabata Visual Art
Mr. S. Nelson Math, Economics
Ms. C. Niemar Leadership, Physical Education, Athletics Director Website
Mr. M. Parhar Physical Education
Mr. D. Peeling Auto, Tech Education Website
Ms. J. Peers Supportive Learning
Ms. C. Peters English
Mr. S. Platzer Math, Science
Ms. K. Preston Business and Computers, Marketing, Web Design, Programming
Ms. M. Rolston French, Spanish
Mr. T. Rosencrans Physical Education Website
Ms. R. Roukema English, Social Studies
Mr. G. Sandhu Physical Education, Social Studies
Mr. Q. Schaeferle Psychology, Social Studies Psych Website
Ms. K. Sidhu Science, Science Citizenship
Mr. G. Sohal Social Studies, Social Justice
Ms. K. Stremel Learning Support
Ms. S. Wolf Biology
Ms. Y. Yang School Quest
Ms. A. Yap French
Mr. F. Yee Physics, Science Website
Ms. C. Ziebarth Strategies