History of North Delta Secondary

ND Staff 1979North Delta Secondary School, when it was opened in 1957, was originally a secondary school designed to accommodate approximately 550 students. At that time it was the second secondary school in Delta and eliminated the need for students in the north of Delta to be bussed to Delta Secondary in Ladner.  It housed grade 7 to grade 12 students until 1962 and then Grade 8 to grade 12 students until 1975. In the early 1970's, due to new construction and population increases in the community, Burnsview Junior Secondary and Sands Junior Secondary joined Delview Junior Secondary as the three feeder schools to North Delta. Until the construction of Seaquam Secondary School in the Sunshine Hills area and its subsequent opening in 1977, all senior secondary students in the North Delta area were graduates of North Delta Secondary School.

Until the most recent renovation and rebuilding program, which was a rather amazing engineering feat considering that the building had been added on to numerous times and the different wings of the school were constructed under different building codes, the school, which had been altered to house approximately 1200 students, has had as many as 1500 students enrolled. During those years we had a portable complex of eight classrooms attached to the main school in order to provide enough teaching areas for all our students.
 During its existence North Delta Secondary has distinguished itself as an excellent learning institution. Our male and female athletic teams continue to be contenders for provincial championship honours in most major sports, and we are very proud of the numerous provincial championship banners that hang in our gymnasium.

ND 1979Academically, our graduates have distinguished themselves in subsequent post secondary institutions and the careers that they have chosen. As responsible contributors to the North Delta community at large, the students of North Delta continue to enhance the well being of the community through the schools social initiatives that provide clothing, food, and financial assistance to those in our global and immediate community who are in need.

North Delta Secondary School has fostered a reputation deserving of our motto, which is "HIGH IS OUR HONOUR, PROUD IS OUR NAME". Students who have graduated from North Delta and staff who have spent part, or all of their careers at North Delta are proud of their affiliation with this proud institution.

In October of 2003, after two years of major construction and renovation, we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony that officially opened the new North Delta Secondary School. North Delta Secondary School has received a complete face-lift and is now capable of carrying an enrolment of 1350 students. There is virtually no area of the school that was untouched by this rebuilding initiative including moving the front entrance and address from 114th Street to 82nd Avenue. It is a bright, cheerful place in which to learn and the new facilities are in many instances, state-of-the-art.

The 2004-2005 school year marked the last year of North Delta Senior Secondary as ND, Burnsview, Sands, and Delview underwent a reconfiguration process moving each of them to full secondary schools. Starting with the 2005-2006 school year, the school became known as North Delta Secondary with the addition of grade 10's and the subsequent addition of grade 8 and 9's the following year.