Extra Curricular Clubs

Your secondary school experience is much more than the courses you take.  Long after graduation, many of your memories will relate to the extra-curricular activities that you participated in.  North Delta has many extra curricular opportunities for students. If you are member of a club and would like more information included on the website, ask your sponsor teacher to submit your changes.  

Make the most of your high school career by getting involved in extra-curricular activities.  

NDSS School-Based Clubs

Updated: October 2016
The following tells you the club, teacher sponsor, meeting time and location. 

Anime Mr.  Schaeferle Thursdays after school  Room 1109
Watching anime, talking anime, having fun and hanging out. 

Athletic Teams ND teachers Ms. Niemar & Mr. Lund- athletic directors Various times and locations
Please check the school website (under Athletics) and listen to announcements for information on joining teams.

Senior Girls Bhangra Team Ms. Dhanoa, Ms. Jalandoon Practices every Wednesday and Friday after school in the cafeteria/theatre
ND Senior Girls Bhangra Team is a dedicated group of girls from grades 10 to 12! High energy, dynamic and vibrant group of girls bringing the heritage of BHANGRA to North Delta Secondary! Winners of several high school dance competitions! Positive & upbeat attitude is a must. Tryouts are held at the beginning of every school year!

Delta Youth Advisory Council Mr. Sharpe
Monthly meeting times vary (emailed to members)Conference RoomMeet with school teams from across the district to give feedback to the School Trustees and Superintendent. New policies and initiatives are brought to DYAC for student input. Please see Mr. Sharpe to sign up.

Games Club Roy Chen-Campbell
Wednesdays at lunch Room 1624
Drop in anytime - play board games or Wii games. Bring your lunch.

Green Team/Energy Ambassadors Ms. S. Wolf
Mondays at lunch Room 2311
Taking care of the school garden and other environmental initiatives around the school

Grad Council Ms. Rizzardo, Mr. Bisson, Ms. Peters Mondays at lunch Room 2005
Organize grad events to build community among members of the class and develop positive school culture and traditions. Open to grade 12 students.

Guitar Jams Ms. McKay Tuesdays and Fridays at lunch Music Room
Come and jam on your guitar in a fun environment. Everyone welcome. Bring your lunch.

Me to We Ms. Sidhu
Thursdays at lunch Room 2308
Making positive social changes with global and local initiatives such as hunger, poverty, health care, children's rights and education. 

Debate Club Mr. Sohal Mondays at lunch Room 1110
Come debate cool topics. Our goal is to get really good at it so we can go and debate other schools formally, in the MUN style where they get assigned to be a certain country to represent. 

Movie Making Club Mr. Lum Tuesdays after school Library
Students will learn overall process of creating film/video project from the beginning to the end through screenwriting, shooting, directing, and editing their film piece. Students will be introduced to work on the HD digital cameras and DSLR, video stabilizers, using green screen, semi- professional lighting and sound recording devices, as well as edit their work on Mac computers in Final Cut.

OGG (Older Guidance Group) Ms. Gillis, Ms. Cipriano Varies – usually lunch time
Conference roomThe goal of the OGG is to educate students about healthy relationships and violence prevention through classroom presentations for younger students, as well as other initiatives developed by the group. The Group is chosen every 2 years through an application process.

Queer/Straight Alliance Mr.  Schaeferle Wednesdays at lunchRoom 1109
Working towards making North Delta the most open and accepting school it can be. 

Student Council Ms.  Rolston Wednesdays at lunch Conference Room
Organizing school events/activities. All students welcome!

Youth Empowerment Program Rob Grewal Mon-Fri at lunch Rob’s office (counselling area)
Provide Social Emotional Support to immigrant students.  Help guide them through their journey at NDSS as well, in the community.  A welcoming environment where students can seek support and have questions answered.  Outdoor educational trips give the youth an opportunity to connect with one another, to better support one another and work on team building. Open to all immigrant youth grade 8-12.

Club Fair: Thursday, November 3rd at lunch in the foyer, see Ms. Ziebarth for details.