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The Delta School District offers many career programs for students.  

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 Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA)

SSA is a secondary career program that offers students over the age of 15 an opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in school. The most challenging requirement to become a secondary school apprentice is finding employment in the trades. The employer must be willing to sponsor the student and have a certified tradesperson willing to oversee the student’s training.

Earn while you learn! Advantages of SSA include:

* Four credits for each 120 hours of paid employment (up to a maximum of 16 credits for 480 hours),

* Registration as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority,

* Opportunity to access practical training in areas outside secondary curriculum,

* Potential for $1000 scholarship upon graduation.

For a complete list of trades, visit ITABC. To register as an SSA student, see the Ms. Lucke, Apprenticeship Facilitator.

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