NDSS Counsellors

The counsellors at ND are trained teachers who also have Masters degrees in Counselling Psychology. Our role here is to listen to you and support you in areas where you may be having difficulties in order for you to be as successful and happy as possible both at school and in life in general.


Grade 8
Ms. Cipriano
Grade 9 Mr. McGill
Grade 10 Ms. Gillis
Grade 11 Ms. Kaila
Grade 12's by last name    
A-B Mr. McGill
C-K Ms. Gillis
L-R Ms. Kaila
S-Z Ms. Cipriano

Ms. Dhanoa, Career Advisor
All students that require support with course planning for post-secondary, scholarships & District Career Programs

Support Workers

Career Counsellor                              Ms. Dhanoa
Multicultural Worker Mr. Grewal
Youth Care Worker Ms. Ruddell